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Coin Operated Washer

Should You Use a Coin Operated Washer for Dormitories?

Dormitory residents generate plenty of dirty laundry, so it makes sense to provide the needed washing equipment. This isn't just convenient; it increases safety by reducing the need to leave the dorms for mundane activities. However, if washing is overly convenient, residents can gain the habit of washing just one or two items at a time. This leads to much unnecessary wear on the equipment, as well as higher energy costs for running the equipment and heating the water. The cost of the water itself is also a factor.


A coin operated washer and dryer will quickly cut down on frivolous use of the machines while maintaining the convenience of being able to do laundry on site. As soon as residents need to pay a reasonable fee, they will naturally wait to wash until they can fill the entire machine. This is the most efficient use of their money, and it happens to coincide perfectly with the most efficient use of your machines and the associated resources.


Of course, some will try to take this principle too far, and overload the machines. This is one of the reasons you need heavy-duty, full-commercial, laundry equipment for dormitories. High-quality commercial equipment will not suffer if it is filled to its absolute maximum. Users will likely find that their clothes get cleaner if they pack the machines a bit less full, but you won't have to worry about breakdowns like you would with a coin-converted home-grade washer.


With all of these benefits, there's no doubt that a commercial-grade coin operated washer system is the best for dormitories. Install some today and watch frivolous usage drop as you recoup some of the costs of on-site laundry at the same time.

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