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Commercial Washing Machine

Does Your Launderette Need One or More Dryers Per Commercial Washing Machine?

It may come as a shock, but many people don't use both a commercial washing machine and a commercial dryer when they go to the launderette. In fact, in some areas, only a bit more than half may end up using both types of machines. What drives this behavior?


For a variety of reasons, many people have their own washing machines at home, but no working dryer. Either their old dryer just doesn't work anymore, or they never invested in one to begin with. Alas, drying the clothes on a line isn't really the best option. It takes a long time, and even worse, it leads to rough clothes that are unrelaxing.


Their solution to this is to wash their clothes at home, and then take the wet pile to the launderette for drying. The big commercial dryer fluffs and dries the clothes quickly, and often does it better than a home version would anyway. This encourages the customers to keep on using the same method for years to come.


Because of this, a launderette should expect to need more dryers than it does commercial washers. As any customer of such an establishment knows, it's quite easy to come in and find no open dryers, but plenty of open washers! This is great for those who actually want to wash their clothes at the establishment (which very many do), but not good when it's time for them to move to the next stage.


If you're just starting out, a good commercial laundry equipment distributor can help you estimate how many of each machine you should install. You should also visit some launderettes as a customer to see the public's habits in person. This will give you a better overall feel of what to expect.

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