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Laundry Equipment Distributor

Where to Get Laundry Equipment for Laundry Rooms

If you run a launderette, hostel, dormitory, or apartment building, you need washers and dryers to handle people's laundry needs. Operators of full-on laundry businesses typically think of getting their machines from a laundry equipment distributor as a first-choice course of action. However, if you run one of the other types of establishments, you may not have come across this option.


While some laundry equipment distributor companies only want to deal with big laundries so they can sell several machines at once, this isn't always the case. You can also find those that are willing to sell one or a few units. These are perfect for operations that offer laundry as a benefit rather than as their main service.


Most businesses that need laundry equipment for laundry rooms require machines that are coin-operated. This not only recovers the cost of the water and equipment maintenance, but encourages people to use the machines in an efficient way. By cutting down on tiny loads, you extend the lifespan of your equipment and cut down on your water bills. Your water heater usage is also lowered.


In some cases, you may find that it's better for business to go ahead and use no-coin equipment. You will still need commercial-grade machines to handle such frequent usage, though. Luckily, a seller of laundry equipment for laundry rooms will typically have no-coin options alongside their typical coin-operated offerings. This makes it easy to get the type of machine that works best with your particular needs.


Commercial-grade, no-coin washers and dryers are especially popular in hotel laundries. There, they handle the processing of bed linens and towels rather than patrons' laundry. They are a great alternative to sending out this laundry for sanitization.

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